DH Pedagogy and Praxis Roundtable - DH2018 CFP

First developed in 2013, the Praxis Network (praxis-network.org) brought attention to the ways in which digital humanities was being used to rethink the nature of student training, campus partnerships, and pedagogy. Five years later, at DH 2018, we propose to reflect on these efforts, to assess the current state of digital humanities training and its relationship to and effects on praxis-oriented pedagogy. We seek proposals from a broad range of audiences - student perspectives are welcome, and participants need not have been involved in the programs originally listed as part of the Praxis Network.

Proposals may address these questions, but we welcome other approaches:

  • What is the state of digital humanities education today, at the undergraduate or graduate level?
  • What changes does digital humanities pedagogy propose to undergraduate or graduate training and professionalization?
  • What can innovative models for digital humanities pedagogy at the undergraduate level teach us?
  • If a graduate of a Praxis Network program or a like-minded institution, what was your experience like?
  • How have the Praxis Network programs changed in the past five years? What worked? What did not?
  • Why praxis as an approach to pedagogy? Why not?
  • What other models exist for student training that we can surface?
  • What might collaborations look like among like-minded programs that center praxis?
Use the following Google form to provide information about the contribution that you propose to make to the roundtable. We will assemble the panel proposal based on the responses of successful submissions.

Please submit proposals by 11:59 PM EST on October 1st, 2017.

Matthew K. Gold, Associate Professor of English and Digital Humanities, The Graduate Center, CUNY
Lisa Rhody, Deputy Director of Digital Initiatives, The Graduate Center, CUNY
Brandon Walsh, Head of Graduate Programs, Scholars' Lab, University of Virginia Library

Questions or inquiries can be directed to Brandon at bmw9t@virginia.edu